Ink & Pressroom Supplies

Great Western Ink starting producing ink in 1925. In the 1980’s we added other pressroom products such as blankets, fountain solutions, and washes. We offer Inks, Blankets, Rollers and Roller Coverings, Tools and Supplies, Chemicals, Press Accessories and other Equipment.


2,3,4,5 ply, Bars, Coating, Compressible, UV, Peelable, Conventional, Web, Punched, Sticky Back


Fountain Solution, Alcohol, Alcohol Sub, Press Wash, Roller Cleaners and Conditioners, FOGRA Approved Washes, Glaze Remover, Dryers, Plate Cleaners and Conditioners, Scratch Remover, Additives, Spray Powder, Chrome Cleaners, Etch, Anti Skin Spray, Roller Lube, UV Coatings, UV Washes, Flexo Cleaners and Washes, Type Wash, Rubber Rejuvenator

Press Rollers and Roller Coverings

Rollers from: Kompac, Lith-o-Roll, Pacesetter. Moleton Covers, 3M/Rogers Sleeves, Red-1, Red Runners, Green Sleeves, Hyton, Jomac

Heidelberg Accessories

Blanket Cleaning Rolls, Ink Fountain Liners, Fountain Recerc Filters, Tapes, Rollers, Suckers

Tools and Supplies

Ink Knives, Line Gauges, Rulers, Ink Fountain Liners, Press Pack, Packing Gauges, Paper Gauges, Ph Testers, Conductivity Meters, Alcohol Testers, Suckers, Non-Tac Anti Marking Films and Fabrics, Loops, Magnifiers, Press Clean-up Sheets, Hickey Pickers, Anti Static Sprays, Static Tinsel, Static Control, Splicing Tape, Fountain Recirculation Filters, Kompac Seals, Press Parts, Auto Blanket Cleaning Rolls, Deletion Pens, DI Supplies, Webril Handi Pads, 4x4 Wipes, Nubtex Wipes, Hand Cleaners


Presstek, AB Dick Presses and Parts, Densitometers, Spectrophotometers, Scanning Spectro, Plate Readers, Static Control, Kompac Dampening Systems, Anti Marking Systems, Lights, Light Booths, IR Dryers, Spray Powder Units, Material Handling, Scissor Jacks, Pile Turning

Brands we offer:


  • Great Western Soy & Quantum Plus Sheetfed
  • Flint Group  Heatset
  • K&E   Sheetfed
  • Toyo  Sheetfed

Blanket Materials

  • Flint Group  Day / Flint Group
  • Reeves
  • Fujikura
  • Duco
  • PSG Private Label
  • Econo


  • Ni-Coat
  • PSG Private Label – ProCoat

Other Supplies

  • BBA NonWoven
  • Baseline
  • Epson
  • Itek
  • Poly-Kleer Shrink Wrap
  • Presstek / AB Dick
  • SoftTech Kim Wipes
  • SpeedyDry
  • 3M Tapes