Since 1925, GWI has provided a comprehensive line-up of top-quality inks combined with the technical expertise printers need to succeed.

Our in-house brands, plus partnerships with the biggest players in the industry, allow us to offer you an exceptional variety of inks for offset printing, packaging, tag and label and more.

Conventional Offset

These include quick-setting, extended-gamut, fluorescents, high-rub, soy certified, bio-renewable inks, high-pigmented, and high-gloss inks.

UV Curable Offset

UV, LED, and HUV, plus the appropriate coatings and varnishes


Our Flexo ink solutions include pH buffered inks that keep your pressmen from moonlighting as press-side chemists. Also try our opaque whites, which can reduce your double hits by 80% or more.

Custom Colors

GWI has world class ink labs, or Technical Centers, at each facility, to help our customers achieve the color they need. We can make colors from pigment if required. If you are worried about the Brand Color Czar that comes around for press checks, you might need GWI.

pH buffered

It’s surprising how many companies still don’t use these inks. Todays’ generation of pH buffered Flexo inks can be used in 98% of applications today. Let’s see if we can help you take advantage of the latest in pH-buffered products.

Opaque Whites

These inks are the holy grail of Flexo printing. Take the GWI challenge and try our Opaque Whites. After we review your requirements, we’ll send you a free trial. Our whites eliminate double hit 80% of the time

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