Turbocharge with the Power of Three

GWI and our sister companies, Alder Technology and SpotOn! Press, have combined powers to bring you the nation’s leading, end-to-end print consulting solutions and services.

We’ve leveraged decades of collective knowledge to develop programs to increase the quality, efficiency, and profitability of your printing processes and help you beat the competition. Also ask us about a custom program, tailored to meet your needs.

Critical Color Expert (CCE) Program

We apply “best-in-class” statistical process control tools and knowledge to help your team maintain consistent color day in and day out. We help clients evolve from the culture of “craft printing” to one of consistent print manufacturing, helping you achieve quicker turn times, reduced ink and paper waste, and improved profits.

ROI Window: 6 months or less (make-ready and re-work reduction; bolstered sales initiatives).

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Strategic Partner Program

We identify the ideal Account Manager and Operations consultants to support your goals for growth and reduce your administrative overhead. Our capabilities include:

  • Managing inventory, consignment, and billing
  • Supporting your sales team on special effects/color questions
  • Setting up ink estimating and color QC programs
  • Supplying compliance and EPA reporting information (where applicable)
  • Monthly project consulting and annual training

ROI Window: 3 months or less (labor savings upon full implementation)

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Automation Implementation (AI) Program

This prepress-focused program optimizes your workflow using high-performance technology and rules-based automation. We evaluate your existing tools, integrate new ones, and provide you with an automated system that is economically justified.

ROI Window: 3 – 9 months (labor reduction and eventual increase in capacity)

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Brand Protection Solutions

This program leverages security innovations such as smart sensor and laser marketing technology embedded during the printing or packaging process. This capability allows you to provide brand customers with low-cost protective measures against product counterfeiting—a competitive differentiator for independent printers.

ROI Window: Timing varies (per-package price increase and ability to attract new business).

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Low Migration Inks / Food Safety Partner

We provide the most tried-and-true process available to convert your facility to be Nestle-compliant. Then, as your ink and product supplier, we help you manage the chain of custody, removal of forbidden products, and other details to keep you up-to-date with ever-changing requirements.

Results: Compliance that is simple to achieve and manage.

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