GWI is a member of the Kodak Gold Reseller Network, one of only a few such companies nationwide.

As a Gold Reseller, we carry Kodak’s full portfolio of solutions and services for prepress and packaging, including enhanced sales coverage and improved access for our customers.

From SonoraXP to CTP Systems to Prinergy Workflow and more, we provide the latest Kodak plates, plus other plate solutions.

Dry Chemistry Plates

If your team isn’t using these, you’re missing out. These new plates save time and money, eliminating need for a processor. They have 100,000+ run lengths with conventional ink and over 50,000 run lengths with UV.

Kodak Flexcell High-rez Plates

These plates continue to win industry awards for quality… and with a Trendsetter, you can develop Flexo and offset plates using the same CTP Device.

– PLUS –

New Wet Chemistry Plates

The most eco-friendly plates available (lower water and energy consumption, plus flushable pH)
Top CTP systems with complete automation
Workflow solutions with efficient Rules Based Automation

Kodak CTP Imaging SystemsOffset
Kodak Sonora Process-free PlatesUV
Kodak Trilliam Wet Chemistry PlatesPackaging
Kodak PRINERGY WorkflowForms
Flexcell High-Resolution PlatesPackaging